New Site, New Skin, Same Passion for French!

June 12, 2018 | written by: Léa Tirard-Hersant

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If you enjoyed practicing French step by step with our stories, you are going enjoy it even more! We collected every student’s feedback and we worked on a new site. It’s now under your eyes! We worked so that it’s easier to navigate. There’s another bunch of features that you will be discover while you use with the courses. You can also have a preview by reading this article.

Three Betterments

1. Access in Just 3 Clicks

It’s a small step for humanity, but it’s a giant leap for the Staircase community (and for your comfort at practicing French with us). Our long-time subscribers can remember how maze-like the site used to be in the old days (by “old days” I mean a week ago). They had to click a dozen different places to finally find their course. But times they are a changin’ and now you can access your course in just three clicks.

  • clic 1 > Login
  • clic 2 > your Dashboard
  • clic 3 > your selected course

2. Clic and Tap

 Yes, you read right: it’s either ‘clic’ or ‘tap’. It other words, now the site is easier to use on smartphone!

3. Rate a Course

Did the course Une Partie de Tennis leave you panting? Let’s rate it. Be bold, you can express yourself! For instance:  ★★★★☆ (It was hard, but I liked it) ★★★★★ (I LOVED it, the story, the learning pace, I wish every course were like this one) ☆☆☆☆☆ (Never ever again)
We like stars and likes on Instagram, but we aren’t making this feature available in order to just collect stars.  We want to have your honest feedback about the episodes that you went through, so that we know which ones you find more effective and useful. You can consider different aspects for rating an episode. Is the story engaging? Are the clues relevant? Is there a little something that you find unique about this episode?

Can You Spot the 7 Other Improvements?

Your Notes

Inside a course on the left of your screen, you can see a “Your Notes” area. Here you can write anything that comes to your mind, or maybe that you would like to remember in particular and by clicking. See screenshot in the notes below

Clues are Shorter

Back in the old days, some clues were just too long.
Now, you can find clues that are shorter and go straight to the point by giving you just the French vocabulary you need. Believe me, we haven’t transformed the clues into a simple word generator. There’s also some funs cultural facts and learning tips, keep an eye open on the clues 😉

More Clues

We showered the clues with vocabulary help

A Blog

Vous êtes en train de lire un article du blog de français du Staircase. Cela confirme que le blog existe.

By the way, I don’t care about SEO. I just care about writing to you what I think really matters.


It is still under the veil…
You’ll be invited for the first ribbon cutting ceremony, I promise.

A New Era for the Comments Area

Have you ever scrolled down below a course episode? Right below the episode, you can find the comments area.
We answer all your questions about French learning and culture.
We also love to read your personal story about how you started to learn French, about your experience travelling in France, or any anecdote that you would like to share with us and the community.
In some comments area, you can also find a discussion topic. For instance: “Quel est le meilleur jardin pour pique-niquer à Paris” (3 Jours à Paris, Episode I). If your favorite garden in Paris is Place des Vosges, les Tuileries, or another one that you only you knows… I can’t promise that we can keep it a secret, but you can let us know 😉

What is your birthday?

Let us know the date and receive a French learning gift for your birthday.
You can also let me know your post address. You don’t have to, it’s really comme vous voulez. I just love paper and writing postcards to my students 😊

Things that Have Not Changed

Saving answers is NOT automatic

If you close the Staircase tab, you will lose your answers.
To save them from oblivion, just remember to click the green “flop disk” button from time to time

Winning Translations 🏆

Who are the students who appear in this section? They are French learners like you!

Their responses appeared in the list of winning answers, because they are correct and unique, and they show the diversity of the French language. You can participate too! Post your own unique response, make sure that it is correct and different from the official translation, and if we like it, it might appear after a days in the winning section.

Note: the earlier you complete a new course, the more your responses have a chance to appear in the winning section. How so? Because if 100 students completed a course before you, there is some probability that they already found the other possible translations. French is a rich language, and we publish a new course every month, so trust me you will have the opportunity to win too 🙂

Winning Translations

Flopdisk button (for saving responses)

“Notes” area (for taking notes about anything



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