About The Staircase


The Staircase is the place to be for French learners!

We make French learning courses for adult learners. The courses are based on original stories. Every story is connected, so course after course students learn with familiar characters and settings.

To make French practice fun and engaging is our north star. We use story telling techniques which helps staying motivated, combined with spaced repetition which makes memorizing easier. You can take a look at the courses, choose one and get into the swing of French today!


We are proud that our courses are powered by human intelligence and creativity. We believe in machine learning applications to sectors such as engineering and health and robotics (our founder Léa has actually worked in Switzerland as a robotics teachers before she created the Staircase) but  we find the all-automated trend to be boring, and we want no computational creativity for the Staircase community. Our goal as a language learning website is to promote everybody’s unique intelligence and creativity and we will strive to keep the Staircase a powerful and human community.


People like you learn French with the Staircase, and they come from around the world! Most of our students come from Western Europe, Australia, Russia, Brazil, Canada and the United States. Some live in small cities like Druskininkai in the country of Lithuania, or in big cities like San Francisco. Some learn French for work, for their daily life, for family, or as a hobby. More than 50% of our students come from North-America. Our youngest student comes from Spain. Her name is Paula and she has been practicing French consistently for about a year now. Bravo, Paula!

Advanced learners generally choose Le Vignoble course, while L’Amour, l’Amour is the most popular course among beginners.

Wherever you come from in the world, if you are learning French, you can join our community. Let’s climb the steps to French mastery, together!


Do you teach French, and would you like to use our courses during class?

Join our network of teachers, and bring the fun of the Staircase into your classroom!


Iza – Cheerleader

With her inner sense of pedagogy, her mastery of French and English and her dedication to keep the community alive and vibrant, Iza is the community manager the most sympa et efficace that you’ll ever meet in a language learning community!

Aside from cheerleading French learners, Iza translates Sci-Fi novels professionally

Dávid – Designer

He is the Jonathan Ive of the Staircase. With his talent as a designer, his problem-solving approach and his hands-on experience with language learning communities, Dávid develops the website like no one else can do.

Aside from designing stairs, David is an active traveller and canyoneer

Léa – Course Creator & Teacher

She writes most of the stories, and she crafted the Staircase methodology on which every course is based. With her firsthand experience in teaching French, with her academic background in linguistics and with her passion for finding new learning solutions, Léa makes sure that the Staircase is heading in the right direction. Her compass points to one goal, which is to help people learn a second language, and enjoy every step of it!

Aside from that, Léa likes picking wild raspberries and riding her bicycle


I would like to say a warm Merci to all of you, for your interest in language learning and in the Staircase in particular.

Also a more special thank you a few ones:

Cal, for meticulously reviewing the courses and helping us localize and resolve bugs

Brad, for your indefectible mentorship and high spirits

Clive, Kris, Elaine, Angela, Ann, Rami for helping me with the English version of the stories

And Lisa, Stephen, Mark, Serge, Maman, Yuki, Michael, Svetlana, Maria and all of you who share your feedback even occasionally, and for giving me constructive critics and suggestions

Together you all contribute to give our French learning method the solid foundations that it needs, to grow sustainably and keep helping more French learners (and who knows, learners of other languages? 🙂 in the present and the future.

Long life to you, to your learning projects, and to our language learning community. Let’s make it prosper, together!