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French learners and visitors

If you are learning French and are looking for an online course, you may be considering joining the Staircase! You can enroll directly in one of the courses, or if you have any questions beforehand, please contact Iza and let us know a bit about yourself. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Grammar and vocabulary questions

For French learning, grammar and vocabulary questions, please post your request in one of the comments areas inside the course. You will receive a personalized response from a teacher, usually within 1-2 days.

If you are a teacher

Vous enseignez le français, et vous pensez que vos étudiants aimeraient apprendre avec le Staircase ?

  • pour faire profiter de la méthode à vos étudiants
  • pour proposer une collaboration

Contactez Léa et faisons connaissance!

For website issues and suggestions

Please contact David
Your email should include:

  •  a description of the issue you have experienced
  • the URL of the corresponding page
  • a screenshot of the corresponding page

If you are an alien

Everyone is welcome!
If you come from an exoplanet and would like to learn one of our most earthly languages, or for any other special request, please contact directly Léa