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After he met some authentic Parisian characters, our American friend finally found a bench where to sit. He’s waiting for a friend of his family. Her name is Lana, and they are actually going to meet for the first time! What will it be like to meet her? Will he recognize her? All he knows is that she will be wearing a pink headband…

Course Length 🕐

6 Episodes x 5 Steps

Dictation available 👂


Focus on 📕

Asking questions, using the verb “s’asseoir”, and conventional (and unconventional)Parisian talk

Detailed curriculum (see below).

Characters 🎎

  • John: he’s an American man and a friend of Nán and Lana
  • Lana: she is a winemaker from the South of France and a friend of John’s family

Why enroll in this course

You will discover one of the most famous gardens in Paris, le Jardin du Luxembourg, and practice your French with (not so) typical small talk between our hero John and some fun Parisian characters. When you finish this course, you can go to the next, Un Américain à Paris – Part II

Bonus 🍝 Les Bonnes Adresses

When you finish this course, you will be able to access the map “Bonnes adresses de Paris” where I listed my favorite places in Paris. They’re places where I like to eat out and socialize! Might be useful if you travel to Paris soon.



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