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Our two friends John and Lana go to the Louvre museum, but they find it boring. They decide to continue their art exploration, but in a more quiet and secret area in Paris: the Marais. What sort of place are they going to find there?  Course Length 🕐  5 x 5 steps (SHORT) Dictation available 👂 No Focus on 📕 some must-known artworks of the Louvre, essentials words for describing art, how to ask for buying an item Characters 🎎 John: he’s an American man and a friend of Nán and Lana Lana: she runs a family wine business with her brother Nán. She comes to Paris to welcome John and take him around the city Aliénor: she is the ancestor of Lana and one of the founders of the vineyard Why enroll in this course No one should be quiet in a museum. There is so much to talk about! Enroll for immersing yourself into a visit into the arty Paris, and for becoming more confident at commenting on what you find sublime, magnifique, or affreusement moche. 



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