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Immerse yourself with this story into a scene of eating out at a restaurant in Paris. Two friends are getting hungry, and they find a place where to eat. When they sit and see the menu, they find that the eating choice is pretty strange…

Course Length: 🕐

 5 x 5 steps (SHORT)

Focus on 📕

phrases to use when eating out, asking for what’s in a particular dish, ordering, commenting the food

Characters 🎎

  • John: he’s an American man and a friend of Nán and Lana
  • Lana: she runs a family wine business with her brother Nán. She comes to Paris to welcome their friend John and take him around the city

Why enroll in this course

Eating out in Paris, Montreal, in a small auberge in the South of France or in a fine dining restaurant in French-speaking Switzerland. Eating out is an experience which is common and every time unique too! What communication skill does it require? Ordering the food in French is one thing. BUT then the waiter mumbles something at high-speed and looks at you, waiting for your response with his raised eyebrow, and you wish you had practiced your French oral comprehension a little bit more. Or you wish you had done this course “Au Restaurant” on the Staircase website. It’s not too late. Let’s enroll and practice your French for eating out today.



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