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John didn’t expect to learn so many swear words for his first day in Paris. There are about 16,500 taxis in Paris and in this story, John and Lana just take one of them to go to their destination rue du Sentier. But they get stuck in the traffic in a narrow street, and their driver starts to honk his horn at another truck driver. Then the taxi driver seems to seriously lose his temper…

Course Length 🕐

 5 x 5 steps (short)

Dictation available 👂


Focus on 📕

ordering a taxi, giving the address, small talk, some French slang and swear words, car-related vocabulary

Characters 🎎

  • John: he’s an American friend of Lana visiting Paris
  • Lana: she runs a family wine business with her brother Nán

Why enroll in this course

It’s always useful to know how to communicate about the place where you’re going. You will also find useful tips about the taxi and Uber in Paris, tipping culture etc.



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