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Chéri ! Je t’aime un peu, beaucoup, à la folie. Can you speak the French language of love? 

Course Length  🕐

5 x 5 steps (short)

Focus on 📕

French cute names that lovers use, words to talk about love and cuddling, and how to express romantic feelings in the language of love

Characters 🎎

“L’Amour, l’Amour” is separated from the Vineyard series and the characters only belong to this course.

Why enroll in this course

Because you’re feeling romantic, because you would like to learn the sweet words and phrases that French lovers use in their everyday life. Or maybe because this course is our most popular one! We made it avec amour*, I hope you enjoy it.

*(with love)

Course Features

Audio recordings: No

Clues: Yes

What Others Have Said

By: Léa Tirard-Hersant

Grâce à vous, ce cours est le plus populaire du site. Je suis fière, continuez de pratiquer votre français !

By: Ian Hart

J'ai apprécié ce mini-cours. Il y avait beaucoup de phrases utiles!



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