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An French-evaluation story in 30 steps from Beginner to Advanced with every step adding a new layer of difficulty. How far can you go? Start climbing and receive by e-mail an accurate evaluation of your current French level. Test Duration: 25 to 30 minutes Tip #0 translate from English to French Tip #1 click the clues for vocabulary help! Tip #2 did you see the play button? The audio recordings are here to help and they also test  your French listening skills Tip #3 our students find the test easier to use on a laptop Did you know? While this test is not run by an accredited evaluation school, it follows the official level evaluation and description of the European CECR from A1 to C2. If you study French seriously and if you are considering to purchase a course, we recommend our Full B2 Learning Story Le VignobleA teacher might help too ! 🇫🇷 Prêt ? Allons-y Léa

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Printemps 2020 : bienvenue tout le monde !