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Are you considering to enroll in “the Vineyard” French learning adventure? Be prepared to make significant progress in French vocabulary, grammar, and to immerse yourself in French culture! This is our Advanced French Course, and it’s NOT for beginners (“c’est pas pour les novices !”). It is based on the original story “Le Vignoble” by linguist and teacher Léa Tirard-Hersant, and this French learning story is going to immerse you into the daily life, successes and troubles of a family and their wine business in France.

You will be learning (“vous apprendrez”) and reviewing most of the French grammar and vocabulary notions expected of an advanced level*. Also expect to work a lot on your listening skills with the audio recordings included in every learning sequence. Finally, you will work intensely on your French writing skills. We encourage our Advanced students to be creative and to post their unique French translations. Translations that are correct and written in a nice style will be added to the winning translations!

Our Advanced Course is for learners who have a strong base in French and who are ready to work their way up to advanced* and beyond! It will also delight translation students and professors of French departments. *Advanced, as defined by the B2/C1 standards of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) Main Features

  • 30 Chapters covering the advanced French curriculum
  • based on the original story Le Vignoble by Léa Tirard-Hersant with the main character Eléanore and her family of wine makers
  • Listening comprehension (+900 audio-units)
  • Abundant clues along the way
  • 30 Printable Cheatsheets
  • Quizlet integration for flashcards lovers
  • Active community with Q&A areas
  • Video-recordings on Instagram (New)
  • Creative mode

What our Students like about this Course

  • “It’s great for putting in practice my French” (Scott, Boston)
  • “Ce cours m’a permis de réaliser l’ampleur du vocabulaire que je connais. Je n’en crois pas mes yeux !” (Christie, American living in Paris)
  • “This French course kept me busy for a whole semester, it’s worth the money” (Ben, Montreal)
  • “It’s not easy, but the community is active and Léa is always here to help!” (Annie, Hong-Kong)
  • “I like the competitive aspect” (Klaus, German living in Geneva)
  • “Bien conçu !” (Claudie, Australian living in Provence)

The Story 

Le Vignoble is the story of a (not-so) traditional family in the world of winemaking business! It is a course-story in 30 episodes of 30 sentences each originally written by French teacher and linguist Léa Tirard-Hersant for her students. In every episode, you will be focusing on a new language notion and discovering a new part of the plot at the same time.

🎎A Family of Wine Makers 

You will love following the adventures of Lana, her brother Nándor and the other characters around them.

  • Nándor runs the vineyard with his sister Eléanore. With his passion for organic farming and bioengineering technology, he truly is thejardinier” (gardener) of the vineyard. A few scenes take place in his house which is a quite interesting house and you will see why as soon as you start the course.
  • Eléanore runs the vineyard alongside with her brother Nán. With her negociating skills, she truly is the “vigneronne” (winemaker) of the vineyard. She is the youngest in the family, she has a lot of energy and she sometimes take things too much to heart.
  • Walter is a retired wine merchant and Lana’s godfather. He is a traditional and well-read man who travelled a lot through his life. Walter grew up in the same village as Lana’s grandfather and they used to be the best friends on earth.
  • The parents recently passed down the vineyard to their children and now they help Lana and Nán from time to time while enjoying a more relaxed lifestyle. Their father likes to play golf and we know little about their mother
  • Lady Wolff is a wine dealer and an old friend of Walter. She is a ferocious trader with some uncanny traits of character.
  • The grandfather contributed to making the vineyard famous worldwide. With his unique and almost magical talents as a wine maker and chemist, he truly was “l’alchimiste” (the alchimist) of the vineyard. Although he died at an early age, his influence still plays an important role in the family.
  • Aliénor is the ancestor of the family. She was the wife of the founder of the vineyard and she ran it during the first world war while her husband was in the trenches. She has a statue of herself among the vines.

A word by the Author

“J’ai développé ce cours complet de niveau C1 en collectant le meilleur de la linguistique et de l’inspiration rassemblée par plus de 5,000 heures de leçons de français privées avec mes étudiants. Continuez d’apprendre le français !”

Léa Tirard-Hersant

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