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Ma Première Leçon is our course for students who have an online teacher. Don’t have a teacher yet? See our available teachers:

French Lessons Scheduler

  • 17 lessons
  • Vocabulary of study
  • Learn and consolidate your 4 verbs ‘ENTENDRE, ‘VOIR’ ‘ECRIRE’ and ‘LIRE’
  • The phrases for communicating with your teacher
  • 45 words of vocabulary with practice in context
  • Our popular Dictation mode 
  • More than 100 clues with hints and culture tips
  • Review the notions of A1-A2 level
  • We regularly give away private lessons for enrolled students. After your enroll, keep an eye on your message box!


3, 2, 1… Allez !


Click “Allez” to enroll in our French course Ma Première Leçon.