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This courses covers the French vocabulary and phrases for communicating with your teacher during your first French lessons.

Enrolled students will learn the phrases for making an appointment in French, asking questions, talking about homework, making sure that the audio and video work well and more. Discussion topics are available. There students can write about their personal experience learning French online. 

This year 2019, students who complete the 17 lessons of this course receive a complimentary French lesson (on Skype) with one of the Staircase teachers. A good way to put in practice the phrases!

A Preview of the Course: Lesson 1, ‘Tu m’entends ?’ 

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Translate:"Hello!" "Hi."

  • ""Hola" "¡Hola!""
  • Tambien correcto
  • ¿Hola?
  • Hola.


Click the clues for vocabulary help
hola = "hi"
"¡Hola!" = "Hi!"
hola = "hello"

Translate:"Can you hear me?"

Enroll to access the 17 lessonsRemember: students who complete the 17 lessons will receive a complimentary French lesson with teacher Rachel, Virginie or Léa!


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