August 15th - September 15th

Rules: Complete as many steps as you can!

Dates: we will start counting the climbers' steps on August 15th, and we will run until September 15th

Prizes: There will be 3 categories of prizes




3rd Prize: The Vineyard e-book.

Every climber who climbs 50 steps or more will receive the bilingual French-English ebook The Vineyard (Level: Intermediate. Value: $9,90). It is an ebook based on the course of the same name, and we have published it to help our learners increase their vocabulary and grammar mastery. It will be released on September 1st (one day after the race ends)

2nd Prize: The Vineyard e-book + a one hour French conversation with Léa’s guest teacher

The climber who climbs the second greatest number of steps will earn the e-book along with a one hour French conversation with Léa’s guest teacher. Who is she? You’ll know soon enough 😉

1st Prize: The Vineyard e-book + an hour French conversation with Léa’s guest teacher + 3 hours of private lessons with Léa.


Question: Is the race only for The Vineyard course?

Answer: the race spans across all the courses! You can climb 100 steps in The Vineyard, or by cumulating steps from the other courses. For instance if you complete the courses L’Amour, L’Amour and Au Muséeit makes a total of 50 steps. Of course, the Vineyard course has 900 steps total so if you are enrolled in this course it gives you more chances to win. The most important is to climb at your pace, and to spend quality time on the course so that you memorize better what you learn.

Question: I have already finished all the courses. How can I participate?

Answer: practice, and reviewing is key in learning. If you want to participate, you can delete your answers by clicking the “Delete” (red button) and it will bring your steps count to zéro. Be reassured, the delete button only works per episode. So, if you bet on climbing again 120 steps, you can delete 4 episodes that you want to review, and start them all over again. Every response that you save again will count in the system as a validated step.

Question: How is a step validated?

Answer:  to count correct, your French sentences must be complete and with the accent marks. We are generous with small spelling mistakes, and if we notice that you seem to make a similar mistake repeatedly, then you will receive a message with a short explanation to help you adjust and progress 🙂

Question: Who checks and counts the answer?

Iza, Léa, and also the website system helps us a bit!

Other questions? See the comment area.



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