(“l’Automne est là !”)

Do they celebrate Halloween in France?

At the Staircase French learning website, they do!
and Benny’s followers and you are invited to join the fun!
Welcome back (“de retour”) to the Staircase :)

🎃 From October 21st to 31st, follow Benny’s French teacher Léa through the 30 steps of a halloween scary French course to tell in the dark…

Find the “key” emoticon in this page and click it to begin the adventure…

Student’s question:

I don’t know which plan to choose :(

Benny’s tip

Léa’s plans start at about $5 per month if I remember well (or even less?). I can tell you that “French Focus” is her intensive plan for learners who have 3-4 hours weekly to study. For getting more familiar with the Staircase, her starting plan “French Easy” gives access to every seasonal courses and short courses and Halloween course! It really has it all!)