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  • our French courses for all levels (from Beginner to Advanced)
  • Everything from the “Courses” plan
  • Your personal tutor to choose among Anne-Sophie, Tim and Léa
  • Scheduling peace of mind with recurring lessons
  • A personal and human relationship with your tutor
  • Focus on Pronunciation, communication codes and body language
  • Find your voice in French!
  • Course & Homework integrated, made easier for your tutor and you
  • Structured lessons that follows the course of your choice
  • Don’t review alone. Do it with your tutor!
  • Conversation topics relevant to the course to help your memorise
  • The ideal plan that combines structure and fun



per month

Courses + 30 minutes lesson /week with your personal teacher



Courses + 1H lesson /week with personal teacher. This is our most popular plan among students. 


per month

Courses + 3H lessons / week with your personal teacher. You can take this plan for 1 intensive month and then go back to a slower pace the month after. Flexible!