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What is the Staircase Method?

When I became a French tutor, I noticed many of my students struggled to stick with a French course. They would try one course, then another, then another. And it held them back from making progress.

I created the Staircase Method because I love the feeling of getting hooked on a good story. I was obsessed with the Harry Potter books as a child, and I wondered “what if I could create the same feeling for French learners?”

I wanted French learners to get hooked on French, because of the power of a good story!

That’s why I created the Staircase Method. With each step you climb on the Staircase, you’re pulled deeper into a story. The more absorbed you get in the story, the more French you learn.

What are the Staircase Method short stories?

These are short French stories for beginner and intermediate learners that I created using the Staircase Method. They’re an ideal way to get started with the Staircase Method, and are good for learners who don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to learning French.

What is the Staircase Method community?

We’re a community of inspired French learners who are connected by our love of learning French through stories! We have a range of abilities in the community, from beginner to advanced. Anytime you have a question about learning French, you’ll find someone to help you out. And I’m sure you’ll make some new friends too!

What is the Vignoble French course?

Our Advanced French Course is based on the original story Le Vignoble (“the Vineyard”) by French teacher and linguist Léa Tirard-Hersant. It covers most of the grammar notions, vocabulary and French culture knowledge which are expected of an advanced French student (C1 Level) with a focus on listening comprehension and writing skills.

We recommend doing the proficiency test before considering to purchase Le Vignoble, because our Full Course is not for beginners.

Is there a Course for Beginners?

Coming soon (December 2018)

Can I just try?

Of course, “bien sûr !”. I guarantee two weeks of satisfaction guarantee so you can try and if you don’t like it you will get refunded. Students stay in general, because they like learning French with the Staircase. You have to try to see how much you like it! Just click the “Join” button below, and “c’est parti!”

Léa Tirard-Hersant

French teacher and author of the Staircase stories





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