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  • Everything from “French Easy”, including all Staircase short stories
  • Access to the full Le Vignoble course, with 30 chapters from false beginner to advanced level
  • Audio downloads for all 900 units to practice your listening skills
  • Kindle edition of Le Vignoble, our bilingual French-English book
  • Ideal for serious learners who have 2+ hours a week to study French
  • Coming in December 2018: Premiers Pas, a full course for absolute beginners
  • Entry into our French Staircase competitions with the chance to win prizes!

FAQs: Is the Advanced French Course for me?

Our advanced course Le Vignoble is based on an original French Learning story by teacher and linguist Léa Tirard-Hersant. If you have some experience with our proficiency test, or one of our free courses, then you know how our advanced course works.

What makes our advanced course different, firstly is the size: with 30 episodes of 30 steps each, Le Vignoble covers most of the grammar notions, vocabulary and writing skills  expected of an advanced French student (C1 Level). Students of Le Vignoble can expect to work on their listening comprehension as well, with the audio included in every step which enables a dictation mode.

Important: Le Vignoble is not for beginners. If you still have doubts, you may want to do the proficiency test before purchasing our Advanced course.

How long does it take to complete the Advanced Course?

With 30 episodes of 30 steps each, the course should keep you busy for 7-8 months. Our fastest student finished it in five weeks, and some students are still reviewing a year after they enrolled. Everyone at their own pace!

Is there a Course for Beginners?

Coming soon! (2019 or earlier)

I really want to enroll! But what if I realize that it’s not for me? 

We have a 15-Days refund policy. You can just try!


Léa Tirard-Hersant

French teacher and author of the Staircase stories

“Plusieurs de mes étudiants ont fait un progrès inégalé avec ce cours. C’est pour les étudiants motivés.”






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