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  • 1-1 Private Tutoring with Léa (click to see available plans)
  • Conversation practice, accent training, and a lot of fun during lessons!
  • Special Requests


How do I schedule my lessons?

Subscribed students are given access to Léa’s teaching schedule, where they can see her available times and make their appointment. Students from California to Japan and from Sydney to Paris, even including Korea and the U.A.E. meet Léa every week for their French lesson, so you can be reassured that she has experience with your time zone.

Who is going to be my French Teacher?

Léa Tirard-Hersant will be your teacher. Léa has been tagged as “Punctual,” “Dynamic,” “Professional,” “Fun & Likeable,” “Supportive” and “Unique” on the popular language learning platform Italki where she has taught more than 4,000 lessons since her debut in 2013. French learners from around the world choose her as a private teacher, university students, Irish polyglot Benny Lewis, diplomats, world-class entrepreneurs, and parents for their children! Every teacher is unique, so just try and see how you like her as your French teacher.

How are the lessons structured?

Lessons are all unique! There is some pattern though, for instance every lesson starts with a conversation warm-up (“échauffement” in French) adapted to your level. Reviewing the homework (“devoirs à la maison”),  accent training exercises and discovering French culture  also make the lessons helpful and fun. Please, arrive on time for your lesson 🙂 Let’s get started!

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30 Minutes appointment. Great for a trial lesson and for special requests!


per month

Your 30 minutes French Lesson 1-1 every week with Léa


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Your full 1 Hour lesson with Léa every week