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French/English Bilingual Story 

Goes in addition to the advanced course “Le Vignoble” 

Available for our members for download (Kindle edition)

Vocab Cheatsheets  📄

Goes in addition to the advanced course “Le Vignoble” 

The 30 vocabulary cheatsheets help the student study French words and expressions alongside with the website course > Download  (Print-quality PDF)

Other French Learning Tools 

With the advice from your teacher, you can consider purchasing some of these other essential French learning books:

Le Petit Robert, Official Unilingual French Dictionary

Le Robert & Collins, French-English Bilingual Dictionary

Le Bescherelle, The Complete French verbs

Livre de Phonétique Progressive du Français, (French Pronunciation) by Editions CLE International

The Bonjour Effect, by Julie Barlow about French codes of communication and the details to know to build friendships with people in France.

French Fiction!

Marcellin Caillou, by Sempé (Beginner, an illustrated and heart-touching story)

Monsieur et Madame, a series for children by Roger Hargreaves (Beginner, great for learning adjectives!)

Embrasse-moi, 20 Romantic French poems by Jacques Prévert (Intermediate)

Tout Plaquer et Aller Prendre un Bain, illustrated comics by Mathou (Intermediate, for ladies!)

Le Petit Nicolas, by Sempé (Intermediate level, for everyone)

Le Petit Nicolas en Vacances, by Sempé (Intermediate level, for everyone)

Le Petit Nicolas et les Copains, by Sempé (Intermediate level, for everyone)

Le Petit Reporter, by Desproges (Advanced, a collection of French jokes by the famous and hilarious French journalist Pierre Desproges)

Le Dîner de Cons, the French cult-comedy by Francis Veber (Advanced)

Les Trois Mousquetaires, the great classic by Alexandre Dumas (Advanced)


  • Crosswords puzzles

to play with the French words and expressions from Le Vignoble course > Download (3 Print-quality PDF)